10 Best Employee Communication Software And Tools

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Best Employee Communication Software

Employee communication software is a tool that helps you to create an internal communication platform whether your team members are in the office, hybrid, or remote.

It’s a tool for staying in touch with colleagues and allows you to chat, share, and discuss ideas.

If you looking for a communication solution for your business and track the conversion of employees, then you need an employee communication tool.

Through this platform, you can run a cloud-based employee communication system, share documents, post events, create public and private groups, messages, and audio or video conferencing.

In this tool, I’m going to explore some of the best employee communication platforms that are available in the market.

Here I have listed the 10 best employee communication software.

1. Connceteam


Connecteam is a leading software for keeping your team productive. It’s a complete employee management, productivity, and communication solution for businesses.

The tool helps you to keep your in-house or remote workforce informed and engage through a desktop or mobile application.

Its communication option allows you to put information at the fingertips of employees, share company news & updates, chat and feeds, share media files and monitor employees’ conversations.

You can instantly communicate with your team members via 1:1 chat, and employees get messages during working hours.

Connnecteam communication chat option helps to separate work messages to keep everyone focused on the given task.

The platform also allows team members to engage with feedback & surveys, and live polls for teams to complete it.

Businesses can communicate & promote company events.  Apart from team communication, it has use cases for time management, employee onboarding, operation management, employee engagement, and HR.

You can try the Connecteam communication plan for free for up to 10 users.


Core Features

  • Private and team chat
  • Media & files attachment
  • Team communication
  • Chat massages
  • Post comments & reactions
  • Create surveys & polls
  • Knowledge base
  • Share in-app links
  • Separate work massages
  • Digital phonebook
  • Event management



Connceteam communication plan costs you in the range of $29 to $99 per month. You can try any paid plan for 14 days for free.


2. OpenPhone


OpenPhone is a suitable platform for businesses that prefer direct calls as their communication. It’s an all-in-one solution for call, text, and messaging.

It provides separate numbers for your business, you can pick local and toll-free numbers.

You can set multiple numbers for different teams, seamlessly call with powerful configuration, easily transfer calls to coworkers, and route calls to another US or Canadian phone number.

Its messaging features let you do group messaging, schedule messages, send replies, and keep informed with the internal threads.

OpenPhone supports Zapier integration that enables to connect it with over 5000+ apps. You can improve your workflow by conceting third-party tools like Google Contacts, Hubspot, Salesforce, Slack, and Webhooks.

If you looking for VoIP software to make calls then OpenPhone is might be the right tool for you.

Core Features

  • VOIP solution
  • Business number
  • Domestic toll-free number
  • Messaging & calling
  • Team communication
  • Manage contacts
  • Record calls
  • Theme communication
  • Transcribe voicemails
  • Third-party integration



OpenPhone’s plan starts at $15 per month. Try any paid plan for 7 days for free.


3. Chanty


Chanty is an easy-to-use employee communication platform for video calling, messaging, and tasks. It’s a very affordable solution for small businesses. It gets you unlimited audio calls, public and private communications, a built-in task management tool, and video conferencing.

Through Chanty, you can switch from messaging to video calls with just one click of a button from any device such as a desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Chanty has built-in task management as well, with it, you can create tasks from scratch or turn any email into a task.

Additionally, the task management tool supports Kanban View which you get in other task management apps.

Via Chanty, you can send unlimited messages, discuss threads, video conferencing audio calls, and more.


Core Features

  • Video calling & messaging
  • Task management
  • Video conferencing
  • Unlimited group video calls
  • Public and private chat
  • Roles & permissions
  • Community support



The Chanty plan starts at just $3/user per month. However, you can try its free plan today.


4. Microsoft Team

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Team offers too many communication tools such as group calling, voicemail, video meeting tools, unlimited chat, team collaboration, and more.

These products help to communicate with the remote and in-house team members. Businesses can streamline communication with employees and customers by sharing ideas, creating & sharing documents, and storing files on the cloud.

It lets you do things like schedule online meetings, bring teams together, collaborate on documents in real-time, and get virtual calling.

You can also host interactive webinars for up to 1,0000 attendees and bring in-person and remote attendees with the team rooms, so everyone can participate in team meetings.

Microsoft Team collaborates with Dynamic 365, a world-class collaboration app that lets you connect with the right data and people in one place.


Core Features

  • Communicate with remote & hybrid team
  • Collaboration
  • Microsoft Team phone
  • Teams rooms for remote attendees
  • Interactive webinar
  • Unlimited group meetings
  • File sharing
  • Live caption in meetings
  • Microsoft whiteboard
  • Collaborative apps



Microsoft Team plan starts at $4 per month. However, you can get started for free.


5. Staffbase


Staffbase is a cloud-based internal communication platform. Currently, It’s used by over 2,000+ brands like Domino’s, Samsung, DHL, And SEPHORA.

The platform is capable of delivering and optimizing communications giving employees all the information in one place with its mobile app.

The platform lets you do better internal communication. Via this platform, you can also provide newsletters, surveys, and social feeds that help you deliver content to employees, so they will be informed of the company’s goals and targets.

Through the Staffbase mobile application, employees get updated and are also able to communicate with other employees.

There are so many features offered by Staffbase such as branded mobile app. Email notification, personalized email campaigns, surveys & forms, auto-translation, and ghostwriting.

You can integrate it with Microsoft 365. Its advanced built-in insights let you get the start decisions based on real data.


Core Features

  • Internal communication platform
  • Chats
  • Surveys & forms
  • Social feeds, email campaigns, and newsletters
  • Branded mobile app
  • Automate employee journey
  • Microsoft 365 integration
  • Customer support via phone, chat, and email



Staffbase has the custom pricing. You need to contact sales for quotes.


6. Office Chat

Office Chat

Office Chat is an instant messaging app for employees. It helps your employees to chat with each other from a mobile or desktop.

It’s like a messenger & WhatsApp of the business, allowing to centralize and secure business communication in one place.

Office Chat is a cloud-based and easy-to-use messaging app. No prior training is required to use it. Employees also get the instant notification when they are not on the app.

You can create unlimited groups, see the active status of members, share attachments, and flag priority messages that remain top of the recipient’s inbox until read.

Team members can instantly share files, documents, and images with each other and switch from chat to video calling with just one click.

It has a complete admin dashboard that allows you to control conversions of employees such as control who can create chat groups, and read old conversions by searching chat history.

It’s available on iPhone, Android, iPad, and Web Browser and allows you to chat from home, office, and on the go.


Core Features

  • Instant messaging
  • Auto login
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Send priority messages
  • Search chat history
  • Admin
  • Video conferencing
  • Attach documents & files
  • Apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android



Office Chat plan costs you $25 per month and includes 1o users, a 30-day chat history, 25 GB storage, unlimited messages, and video screen sharing. Try it for 7 days for free.


7. Jostle


Jostle is a popular internal communication software for businesses. It allows employees to stay connected together in one place.

With the platform, you can run news & active feed discussions with chat, collaborate with colleagues, track the status of projects, and announce events.

It helps employees to find important information by accessing shared documents, and links & HTML pages.

Team members can also collaborate with each other on a specific project and task.

Through Jostle, organizations can create a place of culture where people can connect, chat, and share information. Whether they are in the office, hybrid, or remote.

The platform separates work and personal life by not spamming employee email inbox. They can see everything in the Jostle application.

Jostle also offers a TV option, so you can connect it to a big screen with all the team members in the board meeting, so all members can attend a meeting doesn’t matter where they are.


Core Features

  • News & activity feed
  • Directory
  • Chat discussions
  • Library
  • Links & HTML pages
  • Centralize communication
  • Stream with Jostle TV
  • Mobile & iPad apps
  • 3rd party inetgartions



Jostle plans charge organizations based on a number of employees size. Let’s say you have 100 employees then it would charge you $4.56 to $10.99 per employee depending on the plan you choose.


8. Rocket Chat

Rocket Chat

Rocket Chat is a leading employee communication software that is easy to use and flexible.

It has been trusted by 12 million users across 150 countries which makes it one of the most popular solutions for colleagues communication.

The platform allows team members to communicate, and collaborate on the project. Employees can do one-to-one chats or multiple colleagues and get access to the message history.

Rocket chat also allows contractors and clients to communicate with your employees but they have limited access.

Through this platform, you can seamlessly interact with customers as well. It supports omnichannel, so clients can connect through their favorite channels.

Rocket Chat provides files, documents, photos, and video sharing, connects colleagues with audio & video calls, reads receipts for time-sensitive messages and employees get notifications even when not active on the app.

The platform integrates with apps that you use in your daily life to streamline workflows, so not need to switch from one app to another.

This is a completely open-source software that gets developers access to source code so they can add additional features as well.


Core Features

  • Omnichannel
  • Internal communication
  • Open-source app
  • Communicate with team members
  • Manage messages, projects, and tasks
  • Push notification
  • One-to-one message
  • Guest communication
  • Read receipt
  • Mobile app



Rocket Chat starter plan is free and supports up to 25 users. The pro plan costs you $4 per user per month.


9. Simpplr


Simpplr is one of the best employee communication tools that is trusted by the world’s top brands like Fox, Unity, DocuSig, and Splunk.

You can set up internal communication for your organization.

The platform provides tools for building a virtual staff directory, onboarding new members, launching events, and maintaining a document library.

It allows employees to create profiles, engage with polls & surveys, and share content.

It’s a tool for small and mid-size businesses. Its headquarters is located in the Silicon Valley, CA.


Core Features

  • News feeds
  • Staff Directory
  • Document Library
  • Feedback and surveys
  • AI-powred
  • Built-in analytics
  • Mobile app
  • 3rd party integration
  • API



Simpplr has custom pricing. You can request a demo.



Well, I have shared some of the best employee communication software that are well-suited for small and mid-size businesses.

You can try one that is best suited to your organization’s requirements and easy to use for employees as well.

These software helps employees to stay focused on the work because they get you work-related messages & queries.

If you want an all-in-one communication tool for messaging, public and private chat, media sharing, surveys & polls, and monitoring employee conversation then Connecteam is the best one you should consider.

If you looking for calling & video call features in the communication app, Microsoft Teams and Openphone are ideal for your business.

Although, you can sign up for a free trial or free plan for most of these apps.

Let me know which one you gonna pick to streamline employee communication.

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