8 Best Employee Time Tracking Software 2024

Last Updated on March 21, 2024 by Kundan Sharma

Best Employee Time Tracking Software

Employee time tracking software shows you real-time data on how your employees spend their working hours and on which task they spend the most time.

With an employee tracking app, you can monitor team members with a punch in/out, screenshots, muse & keyboard activity, and geo-location.

The tool can also generate billable and non-billable hours automatically by hours, PTO, overtime, and breaks. It helps to reduce time theft and the chance of errors.

In this post, I’ve mentioned some of the best employee time tracking which lets them help stay focused on the task and update with the shift and upcoming projects and more.

Let’s explore these employ tracking software below.


1. TimeDoctor


TimeDoctor is one of the best employee-friendly time-tracking software for businesses. It’s used by over 250,000 brands like Boost Media, Thrive Market, and Ericson.

The platform lets you track where they are spending their time whether employees are in remote places or in the office.

With its screen recording feature, you can monitor websites websites open to find out if there unproductive activities or not.

You set an inactive alert, so get a reminder when an employee is distracted from work.

Its productivity analytics, allows you to identify the most productive employees, get you a breakdown of daily workflows, and project and task management.

Time Doctor can be integrated with apps like ClickUp, Breeze, Asana, Flow, GSuite and more.

It can be accessed via desktop, mobile, or browser extension, so you can integrate TimeDoctor into your multiple devices.


Key Features

  • Eliminate manual time tracking
  • Track employee mouse & keyboard activity
  • Online and offline time tracking
  • Employee inactivity alert
  • Breakdown of daily workflows
  • Video screen recording
  • Monitor social accounts & websites
  • 60+ third-party integrations
  • Desktop, Mobile, and Extension support




TimeDoctor plan starts at $7/user per month. It includes activity tracking, silent tracking, and unlimited screenshots.

For advanced features, you can subscribe to the Premium plan, which costs you $20/user per month. It contains client login access, video screen recording, and a dedicated account manager.



2. Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch is an employee tracking app that allows you to track employees’ vacation worked time, PTO, and Overtime.

With this tool, you can replace the manual verifying by putting employee timesheets.

Via GPS and webcam images, businesses easily monitor their employees’ activities to know who is on the clock.

Team members can also request time off with the built-in calendar functionality.

Its built-in notification feature is very useful, when an employee requests a time change, you will get notified automatically.

Buddy Punch automatically captures a picture of an employee when he/she punches in or out. Staff also punch in/out with QR codes.

Some of its useful features are time-off tracking, job tracking, schedule templates, break plans, and real-time GPS tracking.

It integrates with several payroll apps like Quickbooks, and Paychex so you will able to run a smooth payroll.

Buddy Punch offers Android and iOS apps for remote workers. Hybrid teams can use Buddy Punch on the company desktop.


Key Features

  • Time-off tracking
  • Time tracking
  • Alerts & reminders
  • Job tracking
  • Payroll integrations
  • Employee scheduling
  • GPS tracking
  • Puch with webcam
  • QR punching
  • Mobile app




Buddy Punch plan costs $3.99/user per month and it goes up to $6.99/user per month.

You can try Buddy Punch 14-day for free.



3. Insightful


Insightful is one of the good employee monitoring tools. It allows you to track which apps and sites your staff are using, let’s look into employees’ ideal activity.

It enables monitoring of employee activity without getting noticed with its Stealth mode option.

Insightful use cases for improving productivity, managing remote leaves, and improving attendance.

With this tool, employers can do real-time monitoring, productivity labeling, timekeeping, productivity tracking, and more.

It is designed for both office and remote employees. So, if you’ve company-owned computers you can add Insightful to them and start tracking activities.

For remote employees, can use the Insightful application to track themselves by a clock-in/out option.

Via productivity Monitoring, you can see the insights into employee’s daily habits & activities, so you can use this data to improve in areas you think could be improved.

For integration, it supports more than 50+ popular apps like Asana, Freshdesk, Workday, and more.



Key Features

  • Hybrid & remote employee tracking
  • Time & Attendance
  • Activity monitoring
  • Screenshots monitoring
  • Productivity monitoring
  • Auto and manual cloaking
  • Stealth and visible mode tracking
  • Automatic time mapping
  • Support 50+ integrations




Insightful plan costs you $8 per month and it can go up to $12 per month, there’s also a custom Enterprise plan available.



4. HomeBase


HoemBase is an all-in-one app for scheduling, time clocks, and payroll.

Using it, you can turn your employee’s devices into a time clock to track work hours, breaks, and overtime.

Its GPS-enabled time-tracking function lets businesses track the status of remote and field teams by verifying clock-in locations, webcam photos and assign PINs.

HomeBase is best for shift-based employee tracking. It lets you schedule, track hours, and process payroll from one central dashboard.

Teams have access to manage & track time-off requests, up-to-date schedules, hours worked, and earnings.

Employees also get a friendly reminder if they forget to do the shift on time.

For Businesses communication is very important to get work done on time, so HomeBase offers a built-in massanger tool to make it easy to stay connected with team members with a mobile app.

HomeBase alos has a section for hiring and onboarding employees post jobs for hiring talented staff. Payroll support lets employees get paid on time by calculated hours, breaks, PTO, and overtime.



Keay Features

  • Shift schedule and tracking
  • Timesheets
  • Time clock
  • Friendly reminder for employees
  • Payroll & Budgeting
  • Hire & onboard new employees
  • Team communication
  • Integrations
  • Android and iOS application




HomeBase essential plan costs you $20 per month. However, you can try its free plan which comes with 1 location and up to 20 employees support.



5. Clockify


Clockify is an employee tracking app that is used by millions. It’s a complete time tracker and timesheet application, which you can use for free.

Clockify works across your all devices and all data sync to track activities. It supports apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

With this tool, you can monitor team activity, assign projects to team members, set up a force timer, see who’s currently working, see location of remote team, and capture screenshots.

Clockify also lets users track billed time and expenses to show clients how much’ve worked on the project and create invoices.

Team members improve their productivity by monitoring their time spent, they can use start and stop timers, receive notifications when they forget to start a timer, and track time from any device.

It gets you 24/7 support via email, phone, or chat and integrates with 80+ web apps.



Key Features

  • Time tracker and timesheet
  • Auto trackers & reminders
  • Manage billable hours
  • Task assign
  • Force timer, lock time, and GPS tracking
  • Capture screenshots
  • Android & iOS app
  • Integrations
  • Browser extension




Clockify plan starts at $3.99/user per month. You can try Clockify for free today.



6. Replicon


Replicon is team time monitor software for large businesses. It’s used by global brands like Moody’s, NTT, Expedia and USDA.

It automatically captures global employee time and work and creates timesheets.

It is also capable of monitoring hybrid teams with AI-powered time-tracking functionality across all devices.

Replocion supports integration with other popular productivity tools such as Slack, Asana, Jira, and more, which allows you to curate work time data.

It allows to create and manage your own timesheet format to meet your business-specific goals.

Replico lets you do things like manage paid time off, track project costing, schedule, and manage the workforce, and track the time and attendance of employees.

It also simplifies payroll with global compliance and calculates overtime, time offers, and minimum wages.

The mobile app of Replicon lets remote teams login and self-serving kiosks to clock in/out, submit leaves, and add breaks.

Some notable features offered by this tool are facial recognition and geo features to track employee location.



Key Features

  • Manage project hours & costs
  • Manage employee time & scheduling
  • AI-powered time tracking
  • Flexible timesheet capture
  • Integrates with 100+ apps
  • Global payroll & regulatory compliance
  • Workforce management
  • Self-service portal
  • Geo-location tracking
  • Mobile application




Replicon Time & Attendance plan costs you $6/month.  



7. On The Clock

On The Clock

On The Clock is an easy-to-use employee time clock system that is suitable for small business owners.

It has businesses track the in-house and remote employees, track billable hours, and send timesheets to the payroll app.

With its mobile application, employees can punch anytime, anywhere.

The GPS feature & real-time location tracking, lets you see who’s on the clock to prevent clocking off-site.

Employees get the flexibility to punch in/out in via desktop, mobile, and kiosk.

Using On The Clock, you will able to track accurate employee time work hours, PTO, overtime, and more.

Scheduling shifts is also simple with this app, use its drag-and-drop interface to create schedules in just a few clicks.


Key Features

  • Drag and drop schedule builder
  • GPS location tracking
  • Clock-in & Clock-out with mobile app
  • PTO management
  • Shift scheduling
  • Payroll integrations
  • Overtime calculation
  • Time card approval
  • Multiple communication channels
  • Support desktop, tablet, and mobile




On The Clock costs $4/user per month. Start your 30-day free trial today.



Final Thoughts

Employee Time tracking software is very important for beginners to manage remote or hybrid teams.

It can help you to monitor employees, activity, location, and clock in/out.

 An employee tracking app automatically calculates worked hours, breaks, PTO, and Overtime, and generates timesheets to smoothly process payroll automatically.

You can use these apps to monitor employees and prevent employees from being distracted.

Pick an app according to your business requirements, and let me know in the comments which one you gonna pick.

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