Top 7 Proxy Server Providers and Services

Best Proxy Server Providers

Proxy servers have become essential tools for a variety of online activities in the constantly changing online environment. Proxy servers are essential for accessing geo-restricted information, strengthening security, and enhancing speed.

In this article, we have shared the 7 best proxy servers that each of these services offers unique features and benefits that cater to different user needs.

1. IP Royal Proxy

IPRoyal Proxy

IP Royal is one of the most popular proxy services. It has wide range of proxy networks for rotating residential proxies, static residential proxies, data center proxies, sneaker proxies, and mobile proxies.

First, IP Royal Proxy works as a domain registrar portal later in 2020 they launched a range of proxy products.

IP Royal Proxy focuses on catering to the needs of businesses and professionals requiring reliable and secure proxy services. With a focus on user-friendly interfaces and customizable plans, IP Royal Proxy allows users to choose proxies based on their specific use cases.

The emphasis on providing dedicated, high-quality proxies for social media automation, data analysis, and ad verification is one of IP Royal Proxy’s distinguishing features. Because of this focused approach, it is a popular choice among digital marketing professionals and enterprises looking for exact answers.

The price of IP Royal is very affordable compared to other proxy providers and get you 24/7 technical support.


IP Royal Key Features

  • UP Royal lets you choose from 5 different proxies
  • It offers pay as you go plan to pay for only what you use
  • Get your SOCKS5 support
  • There’s no KYC process during registration 
  • Top proxy locations are the United States, Canada, Australia, Spain, China, Greece, and more
  • 99% uptime, HTTP and HTTPS support
  • Residential proxies are available in more than 195 countries



IP Rodyal Proxy basic plan starts at $1.75/GB


2. Oxylabs


Oxylabs is one of the most popular proxy providers and web scrapping solutions that has a network of 100 million IPs worldwide.

It has dedicated data center proxies, shared data center proxies, and residential proxies.

For web scraping it offer services SERP scraper API, E-commerce scraper API, Real Estate API, and Web scraper API.

With AI-powered proxy solution called web unlocker derive public data block free even from the most complex targets.

As a tech-driven proxy supplier, Oxylabs positions itself as a leader in site scraping, data extraction, and competitive intelligence. Users may obtain the most recent data from websites thanks to the company’s Real-Time Crawler, giving them an advantage in fast-moving markets.

Some top companies and startups trust Oxylabs, it has the award-winning #1 best web scrapping solution, and the world’s largest proxy network.

Additionally, its user-friendly dashboard simplifies proxy management, making it accessible even to those with limited technical expertise.

Oxylabs Key Features

  • Oxylabs has the most number of global IPs 100 million
  • It covers almost all regions of the 6 continents
  • Complete web scrapping tool
  • No need to develop and maintain your own scrapping infrastructure
  • Unlock complex targets with web unblock
  • Account manager 24/7
  • AI/ML-based residential proxy



The basic pay-as-you-go plan starts at $15 per GB.



3. Bright Data

Bright Data

Bright Data, formerly known as Luminati, stands as a prominent name in the proxy server industry. Renowned for its vast pool of residential IP addresses, Bright Data offers unparalleled versatility

Bright Data offers 4 different types of proxy services, Residential, ISP proxies, Datacenter proxies and Mobile proxies, and gives complete control over IPS and geo-targeting.

It also offers web scrapping solutions under the Bright Data brand.

With its extensive network coverage spanning over 195 countries, users can choose IPs from specific regions, cities, and even mobile carriers. This flexibility makes Bright Data an ideal choice for data scraping, web crawling, and market research.

Bright Data use cases for industries like Ecommerce, Social Networks, SEO, Ad Tech, Marketing research, Finance Services, and more.

While it can be integrated with some popular tools in the market like Json, Domo, Sap, CHARTIO, and more.

Users get 24/7 customer support as well at Bright Data.

Bright Data Key Features

  • Proxy servers and web scrapping tools
  • Flexible proxy plan for every needs
  • It has millions of residential IPs
  • Largest Geographic coverage
  • SOCKS5 protocol who proxy manage
  • City, AIN, and Zip code level targeting 
  • Dedicated IPs & ethical complance
  • Excelent customer support
  • Dedicated account manager



Bright Data Basic pay-as-you-go plan starts at $15 per month.



4. Nimble

Nimble Proxy

Nimble is a hassle-free and effortlessly gathering web data.

Using Nimble data pipelines in a few minutes rather than days, even if you have zero technical skills.

Nimble API streamlines accurate data to your cloud storage with zero engineering complexity.

Its browser boosts your data collection OPS beyond selenium and puppeteer’s limits.

Nimble IPs designed to deliver consistently high performance over time, utilize endless premium IPs from any geolocation in the world.

Users can evade detection and get around website restrictions thanks to Nimble’s seamless IP rotation service. This makes it a popular option for companies carrying out web data extraction and monitoring tasks.

Nimble products let companies gather any public data for e-commerce, SEO, marketing, sales and brand protection, and more.


Nimble Key Features

  • Setup new web data pipelines in minutes
  • Access any public web data source at any time
  • Get reliable clean or straightforward data
  • Deliver directly to your cloud storage
  • Offer fully managed and simple API interface
  • Get unlimited access to any public website
  • Utilize endless premium Ips from any geo-location in the world



Nimble basic plan costs you $300 per month.


5. Smartproxy


Smartproxy positions itself as a proxy solution designed for both beginners and experts. Its user-friendly interface and flexible pricing tiers make it accessible to individuals and businesses of varying sizes.

Its main feature is a residential proxy, it has over 40 million residential IPs globally and 100K data center IPs across the globe.

Its proxy network is ideal for bypassing gro-location, CAPTCHA’s, and IP blocks.

Smartproxy gives access to both rotating and sticky IPs, so you can rotate the IP address upon each connection request or choose to stick with the same IP for 30 minutes.

You get full control of your proxies, no one else will have the same IPs as yous.

It offers some free tools like Chrome browser extension, X browser, Address generator, and No code scraper extension.

Smartproxy is a good proxy saver for small and mid-size businesses.


Smartproxy Key Featuers

  • Autorotation and sticky IPs up to 30 minutes
  • It has 50+ million proxies in 195+ locations
  • Offer helpful detailed documentation for scrapping
  • Residential proxies are on private IP addresses
  • Gives you dedicated datacenters proxies
  • Support for HTTP and HTTPS protocols for seamless data transfer



Residential proxies plan starts at $8.5 per GB. All plans come with a 3-day money-back guarantee.


6. Geosurf Proxy


Geosurf is one of the oldest proxy platforms that let you scrap and crawl any website without getting detected or blocked.

It usually takes 10 minutes to integrate Geosurf proxy support IP port with IP wishlist, username, password solution, and session persistence with API.

Geosurf residential IPs are based on the PLP network, giving users to harvest the web by accessing a pool of over 3 million unlocked IPs.

Geosurf Proxy specializes in providing proxies for geo-targeting, allowing users to access content as if they were located in a specific region. 

It offers access to pool of over 120 locations for mobile devices with mobile VPN. This makes it an indispensable tool for businesses seeking to expand their reach across borders.

With Geosurf you can protect your business from add fraud by ensuring your advertisement.


Grosurf Key Features

  • Geosurf offers both sticky and rotation sessions
  • IPs and proxy servers are undetectable
  • 3.7 million IP addresses proxy location in every country
  • It offers a mobile VPN
  • Protect businesses from ad fraud
  • Use as many IPs as you can and keep rotating between them
  • SEO proxy to get access to search engines



Geosurf plan costs you $300 per month.


7. Zyte


Zyte is formally known as Crawlera. If you looking for an unparalleled proxy management feature then Zyte is one of the best proxies to consider.

It introduced a new Zyte API if you need to go beyond standard proxy management and don’t require a proxy interface. 

Zyte’s proxy offerings complement its data extraction capabilities, allowing users to navigate websites seamlessly and efficiently. 

It automatically extracts data from all websites.

Zyte automatically retries and replacement of locked IPs that ensure the highest success rates.

The proxy options provided by Zyte enhance its data extraction capabilities and enable users to visit websites quickly and easily. The organization is a useful tool for businesses using data-driven decision-making because of its emphasis on automation and data quality.

The best thing is Zyte is very affordable compared to its competitors.


Zyte Key Features

  • Smart proxy managers to detect banned IPs
  • Excellent success rate and response time
  • Automated retries and replacement of locked IPs
  • Datacenter proxy coverage for 50 countries
  • Handel retries on your blocked requests to manage success rates
  • Ban detections
  • API integrations



Starter plan costs you $29 per month.


Final Thoughts

Proxy servers have become indispensable tools for a wide range of online activities, from site scraping to increasing security and accessing geo-restricted content. 

These proxy providers can meet your needs whether you’re a company professional looking for specific answers or an individual hoping to improve your online experience. 

As you begin your online trip, remember to select the proxy server that best suits your needs in order to have a more efficient, safe, and adaptable surfing experience.

Well, we recommend Oxylabs it’s one of the best proxy platforms, and offers affordable plans.

If you have any questions related to proxy servers, do let us know in the comments below.

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