8 Best Usemotion Alternatives To Manage Calendar, Projects & Tasks

Last Updated on May 8, 2024 by Kundan Sharma

Usemotion alternatives

If you looking for Usemotion Alternatives?

Usemotion is an excellent platform to manage tasks and do-to-lists. But, it’s not that great one, there are some apps that have lower pricing, better features, and task views.

In this article, I have listed the 7 best substitutes for Usemotion. You can consider using one of these daily task manager, do-to-list, and calendar apps.

Let’s dive in,


1. Akiflow


Akiflow is the #1 best alternative to Usemotion. It lets you get productive by blocking time and tasks in your calendar.

With Akiflow, you can stop juggling between your daily tasks and able to import tasks from your favorite tools like Slack, Gmail, Asana, GitHub, todoist, and more into one dashboard of Akiflow.

Its drag-and-drop functionality allows you to drag and drop tasks in your calendar.

Akiflow helps people to stay focused by combining tasks, calendars, and time management. Its keyboard shortcuts allow you to plan, prioritize, and snooze tasks.

Some of Akiflows’s powerful features you would really like such as recurring tasks in offline mode, linked content, smart labels, and upcoming view and command bar.

Akiflow focus mode lets you hide all tasks and only stay focused on one task at a time.

Its common Bar allows to use of special characters to schedule time, date, and duration of the task with priority and labels.



  • Time management
  • Schedule your whole day
  • Import tasks from other apps
  • Stay on top with notification
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Focus mode
  • The command bar
  • Share Availability
  • Integrate with other productivity apps


  • Monthly plan is expensive
  • lack at project management



Akiflow’s plan starts at $19 per month. You can try it 7 days for free. No credit card is required.


2. Sunsama

Sunsama Home

Sunsama is one of the best alternatives to Usemotion.

You can easily organize your chores with the help of the productivity and task management tool Sunsama.

It’s a straightforward app that helps you to manage both your calendar and tasks with ease.

Sunsama has drag-and-drop functionality, which allows you to easily drop tasks to your calendar.

The best part is that Sunsama connects easily with a number of widely used applications, like Gmail, Trello, Slack, Asana, and more. It also lets you pull tasks from these apps to organize all of your notes, files, and tasks in one place.

If you have a team then Sunsama also allows you to share your task list with them to get it done faster.



  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Best app for time management, note-taking, and do-to-list
  • Sunsama integrates with third-party productivity tools
  • Seamlessly collaborate with team members
  • Allows to pull tasks from Assana, Outlook, Gmail, and Trello
  • Sunsama automatically updates tasks in other tools



  • Some users have experience in managing project
  • Lack of browser extension



Sunsama plan starts at $20 per month. It also has a 14-day free trial.


3. Trello


Many businesses around the world, including Coinbase, Google, Zoom, and Visa, use Trello, one of the top Kanban-style task management software for teams.

Additionally, the timeline view, calendar view, and map view are other ways you can see your tasks.

The user-friendly, fully customizable Kanban board on Trello is its standout feature and makes it simple to interact with both internal and external teams.

Additionally, there is a sizable template library that includes everything from remote work to marketing teams, design teams, education, and engineering.

Trello has a wide range of integration options analytics & reporting, automation, developer tool, file management, IT & project management, and marketing & social media.



  • Share files with your team members
  • Keep track of do-to-list
  • You can set colored labels according to priority
  • Comes with a Kanban style that helps you schedule task
  • Instant task notification alerts
  • Seamlessly connects with Computer, Tablet, and Phone
  • Mobile app available for both IOS and Android



  • Difficult to handle big projects with Trello
  • 10Mb file upload limit for attachment
  • You can not edit comments on card



Trello standard plan costs you $5/month. The plan is suitable for individuals. You will get features like unlimited boards, custom fields, and advanced checklists.


4. Todoist

Todoist home

On this Todoist is next, 

It’s a popular team, task, and project management tool.

In order to divide your work into smaller, easier-to-manage chunks, you can also create recurring tasks, set up reminders, and add subtasks.

In order to better understand your progress over time and pinpoint your productive and unproductive hours, Todoist also provides a productivity tracking option.

With the help of Todoist’s web, desktop, and mobile apps, you can manage your tasks with ease from any location.

In order to work on projects with team members, Todoist also makes it simple to share your task lists with them.



  • Task manager and do-to-list tool
  • Readymade templates to get started
  • Recurring due dates and sections & subtasks
  • Share workloads with team and others
  • Connect with emails, calendars and files



  • A few important features not available to free users
  • The plan is expensive than its competitors



Todoist Pro plan starts at $4 per month. You can also try its free plan.



5. Tick Tick

TickTick Home

Continuing on this list of Usemotin alternatives, TickTick is the next.

You can accomplish a lot with Ticktick, a task management tool that is surprisingly flexible and simple to use. 

It has features such as task duration, location reminders, multiple reminders, annoying alerts,  recurring tasks, etc.

Tick tick allows users to set reminders for important dates and deadlines for tasks and projects.

You can set up task reminders based on your location so that you are reminded to do them as soon as you get there.

You may quickly add tasks thanks to their voice input without even typing anything. 

You can use TickTick on your iOS and Android both including Windows, macOS, iPad, Android Tablets, and even on your smartwatch.



  • Voice input feature to add tasks faster
  • Get you features like task duration, location reminder, and recurring tasks
  • Allows to share tasks list and assign works
  • Connect with desktop, mobile, tablet, and smartwatch
  • Turn events into tasks
  • A unique feature like Pomo Timer & White noises
  • It has a free plan forever



  • Kanban view is not that great and useful
  • You will get many upgrade reminders



Tick Tick plan costs you $27.99 per year. When you use Tick tick premium. You will unlock advanced features to boost productivity.

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6. Google Calander

Google Calendar

You can organize all of your projects, appointments, and activities with Google Calendar, an online calendaring tool.

You may also share your calendar on Google Calendar with other people so they can view your schedule and events.

Your calendar will be automatically updated when you receive an email regarding a reservation for a concert, hotel, or meal.

To each event, you may also add notes and attachments.

With its intelligent event title, participant, and location suggestions, Calendar makes creating events quick and easy.



  • Very easy to use calendar app
  • It easily integrates with the Gmail and Google contacts
  • You can access your schedule from anywhere in the world
  • It’s free to use
  • Available for Android and IOS



  • Difficult to connect with other apps
  • Lack of design and templates
  • Interface is underwhelming



Google Calander is free for everyone.


7. Asana


One of the greatest project management solutions available is Asana, especially for new and small organizations.

Asana is a fantastic tool for organizing projects and working with others.

Simply dragging and dropping tasks onto the kanban style boards will allow you to allocate them to team members.

With Asana, you can upload files, add due dates, make labels, and more.

To see the tasks that are most relevant to you, you can also design custom views.

Asana can be integrated with your favorite tools. For Examples, Slack, Zapier, Google Calander, Vimeo, Canva, Notion, Trello, and more.



  • You will get the better user experience
  • Integrates with Google Docs, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Hive, Monday.com, and more
  • It has collaboration feature to share and assign work with team members
  • Allows to manage tasks and do-to-list
  • Real-time sync with all devices
  • Kanban view helps to pilot out projects



  • There’s no time-tracking feature
  • Asana has a deep learning curve
  • You will get overwhelmed with features



Asana plan premium starts at $10.99 per month


8. nTask

nTask Home

Continuing down the list, nTask is an excellent project management tool.

It also functions as a task management app. It allows you to quickly arrange projects and give them to your team.

You can collaborate with your team, and share files with your team. A task may have an infinite number of attachments, planned and real dates, and repeatability.

A number of nTask’s capabilities, such as per-project budgeting, resource allocation, creating a billing method, selecting the payment periods, and more, will make project planning a snap.

nTask integrates with your favorite apps out of the box. You can use Zappier integration to connect with thousands of apps.



  • It manages projects easily
  • Robust Gantt charts
  • You can optimize work through Kanban board views
  • Effective task-tracking options
  • Monitor projects and progress in real-time



  • Not best for over 50+ team members
  • You won’t get an advanced reporting system



nTask premium plan starts at $3 per month for a single user.


Final Thoughts

Well, Usemotion is a nice daily planner and task management tool in the market.  But, it’s not suitable for everyone, especially professionals.

If you want to plan your days and manage do-to-list then Sunsama can be a good option for you.

My personal recommendation is to try the Sunsama app. It will make you more productive every day.

Above, I have mentioned the best Usemotion alternatives. You can consider using one of these apps over Usemotion.

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