5 Steps To Start A WordPress Blog And Make Money ( Complete Guide)

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You know blogging is awesome, let’s talk about a small introduction about the blog.

A blog is like a small website that contains mostly articles called blog posts. Which helps others to learn about something.

Bloggers share their thoughts and experiences with people through blogging.


Why should you need to start a blog?

Starting a blog has different benefits. We get so many benefits if we start a blog. You can read below what are you going to get if you start a blog.

1. Share your Thoughts Too many people start a blog to share their thoughts and experiences with other needed peoples. They are experts in something, so they share tutorials and guidelines for beginners.


2. Become a Good Writer If you start a blog under any niche it will help you to become a better writer and you will get some good writing skills, experience, and confidence in writing.


3. Earn Money Online People start blogs to earn online. Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online, if you are planning to make a blog then your dream comes true to earn money from home.


4. Promote your Products and Services You can create a blog to promote your products and services and blogging help to give knowledge about your services to peoples and also help to get leads that will convert in sales.


Start A WordPress Blog And Make Money (Step-By-Step Guide)

Step 1: Find a Niche for Your Blog

It is the most important thing before starting a blog. You should first need to choose a blog topic on which you want to start a blog because so many peoples failed to choose the right niche for their blog.

Now the thing is,


How to choose a blog niche?

Every blogging niche is good and they have own pros and cons but you should have started a blog on a topic on you are passionate about and the topic trending these days. You can also create a blog on your hobbies and interest.

Here is an example of some good blogging niches.

» Fashion/Lifestyle

» Health

» Finance

» Make Money Online

» Blogging

» Automobile

» Tech


Next, You will need a domain and web hosting to build a WordPress blog.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is like the address of your site like yourdomain.com and it can be .com .net. and .org etc.

It helps to open your site in the browser. You should take the .com because peoples use it more and it’s also a popular domain extension.

Domain names

Now the thing is, how to take a good name for your blog?

You can choose any name for your blog which matches your blog niche so peoples can easily understand the topic of your blog.

You should keep some things in your mind before register any domain name for your business.

  1. The domain name should be simple and easy to remember that help peoples to browse your site easily don’t use complex words.
  2. It should be short like 2 to 3 words.

Usually, a domain name costs $15 for a year although, you can get a free domain name from Bluehost. first, you need to check the name is available or not.


What is Web Hosting?

A web hosting is online server storage where you will store your blog contents so they will be available for peoples. I highly recommended you to get hosting from Bluehost. It’s one of the best web hosting providers and also officially recommended by wordpress.org for hosting.


 You can get the hosting for just $3.95 per month. The good thing about Bluehost is, you can easily install WordPress in just one click to set up your blog.


Why should you need to buy hosting from Bluehost?

  1. Bluehost registers a domain name for free but make sure no one else taken.
  2. They offer free simple installation of WordPress.
  3. They Provide 24/7 customer support service.
  4. They currently hosted more than 31% of internet websites.


Get 60% OFF on Bluehost Hosting


 If you want to start a self-hosted blog then you can take hosting from Bluehost.

Click here to get (Hosting+ Free Domain) just with $3.95/mo.


Complete Guide to Set Up WordPress Blog on Bluehost


Step 2: Get Domain and Hosting

Click here to get a special $3.95 per month offer on Bluehost then click on the  “Get Started Now” button on the site.Bluehost-Get-Started


Select The Plan

Bluehost provides 4 plans Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro. I recommended to the new bloggers getting the basic plan but you can also get the plus plan if you needed.



Add Your Domain Name

If you have already a domain name then you have to add your domain name to the right box which showing “Use a domain your own

But if you don’t have a domain name then you can take a free domain name from Bluehost in the left box shows “Create a new domain” then click on the Next button.



Now You Need to Fill the Account and Package Information

Once you filled the account information like name, country, email, and Phone Number.

Here you need to select the 36 months package to get the lowest monthly rate while 12 months package charges a sum extra.

You should uncheck all the extra services to get the hosting at the lowest price. You can take that service in the future if you need it.



Then Fill the Billing Information

Now, you need to fill payment information then agree to terms and click on the “Submit” button.



Create a Password for Your Account

Once submitted, then you have to create a strong password that will later use for login. After successfully set up a password, you will see a page looks like.

bluehost successful massage

Now Click on The Login

After login then easily select a theme/design. You can check the entire theme and select which one you like. You can also change the theme of your blog later.



Now Start Building Your Site

Once you login to your WordPress dashboard. You will be promoted at the “Welcome” message page. Where you need to select the type of website you are about to create. If you are creating a personal blog then click on personal.

welcome to bluehost

Now you need to click on one of these buttons to launch your site. After clicking on the button, you will just need to fill two more fields for your site one is the title and the second is a description.


Which will help your site visitors to know, what your site is all about.


Now your site is ready.

Now you can log in to your WordPress dashboard panel through this link https://your-site.com/wp-admin/

You need to enter your username and password.


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Step 3: Select Your WordPress Theme

You can customize your WordPress site with thousands of pre-made themes that you can install and use in your blog, most of them are free.

To change your theme go to the WordPress dashboard and click on Appearance »Themes then click on “Add new” button.


Now here you can find thousands of free WordPress themes for your blog. If you don’t know which one should you need to choose then browse them by popularity, favorite, latest, and feature.

You can also click on theme preview button to see how it will look on your site.


When you found a perfect theme, simply hover your mouse on the install button click on it and wait until theme installed.

After theme installation, you need to click on the active button to activate your theme.


Step 4: Write Your First Blog Post

Now it’s time to learn how to write a blog post in WordPress.

Click on the Posts » AddNew in the WordPress dashboard then you will see a post editor. Where you will write your first blog post.


Once you have finished your writing, go ahead and click on the publish button on the top right to publish your first blog post.

There are lots of other settings such as categories, permalink, feature image and etc.

You can learn about them later to know more about how to write a blog post in WordPress read this post.


Step 5: Make Money Through Your Blog

You have completely set up your blog. Now probably thinking about how can I make money from my blog or what are the best ways to monetize a blog etc.

But, I want to say something you can not get overnight success in blogging. First, you have to work on your blog and publish some valuable content.

There is not any shortcut to get rich by blogging. In the first, you need to work hard and later you will get the reward.

I have already published an article on 10 ways to make money from a blog. You can read this to find out which 2 or 3 ways you want to try.


1. Advertisement

This is the most common and simple way to earn money from a blog. Most people monetize their blog with Google AdSense which is the biggest advertisement network in the world.

This is the easiest way to earn money from a blog. You only need to display Google ads on your blog.

There are so many ads networks but I would recommend you to join 2 main networks Google AdSense and Media.net.

But note that if you really want to earn handsome income from ads then you need lots of traffic on your blog.

You will easily earn $300 to $500 dollars every month when you start getting traffic to the blog.


2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best and my favorite way to make money from a blog. This is the main earning stream of thousands of bloggers. Even, My most of earnings come from affiliate products.

If you don’t know what is Affiliate marketing then it’s a way to promote other products and services through your unique affiliate link. You only need to write a helpful article and add place product affiliate link on your blog.

If someone buys through your affiliate link you will get the commission.


There are lots of bloggers like Anil Agarwal, Kulwant Negi, and Harsh Agarwal making over 5 figures month just from affiliate marketing.

If you don’t know which affiliate programs you should join. Here is the list of best affiliate programs to make money blogging.


3. Sponsorship Post

There are lots of companies that offer sponsored articles to bloggers. They only need to write a product review article on their blog.

Companies pay $100 to $500 even more for each article it depends on popularity of your blog.


When you write a sponsored article you get paid and also have the chance to earn money from the affiliate program of the product.

Some big blogs and websites charge over $1000 to $1200 for an article to post on their site.


It’s a little difficult to get sponsored articles in the beginning because you will don’t have many articles, traffic, and social stats.

Companies look for some authority sites to contribute sponsorship posts.


4. Selling Products

If you have your own product and service then it’s the best way to monetize your traffic because you can sell products at your own desired price. You can sell the physical product as well as service that helps people.


For example: If you are a good content writer then you can monetize this skill through your blog. So blog reads can hire your service.

If you don’t want to sell any product/service then you can create a valuable course on a particular topic on which you blog and sell it to your blog readers. The course can be in the form of text and video-based.

If you need any help in starting a blog, ask me from the contact page.


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