8 Best Tools And Software to Create Animated Videos

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Tools for Creating Animated Videos

In today’s world animated videos are really useful for marketing any product or service. You can create videos for tutorials, social media posts, educating customers, and more.

There are hundreds of tools that let you create animated videos for business, but you need to pick the right one that is easy to use.

In this article, we will share the 9 best tools and software to create animated videos.


1. Renderforest

Software for Animation Video Renderforest

On this list of animated software to create animated videos next is Renderforest.

It’s a very easy-to-use platform that comes with drag and drop builder that lets you add elements to videos, no video editing skill is required.

You’ll get your design tools in one place, and businesses can create stunning videos, animations, mockups, branded content, presentations, and more.

There’re hundreds of video animation templates to get started, no need to create a video from scratch.

Renderforst is not just an animation tool, you can also use it to create presentations, social media posts, mockups, and intros.


Key Features

  • Let you create animations, branding videos, presentations, and graphics
  • Create stunning mockups to sell products 
  • Readymade animated templates available
  • Build your brand online presence 
  • Built your brand website within Renderforest
  • Create logos & social media posts with Renderforest



Renderforest plan starts at $22 per month.


2. Adobe Animate

Software for Creating Animated Videos Adobe Animate

On our list of best software to create animated videos, Adobe Animate is on the first place.

Adobe Animate is one of the best software for creating animated videos. You can design animated cartoons, banners, games, and money more things with it.

It lets you create interactive animated content for games and ads.

Multiple advanced options make your work easy, enveloper deformer can easily change the edge of your vectors, and the flex bone wraps the bones of your animated characters into exactly you want.

Adobe Animate could also be integrated with other Adobe tools like In Design and Photoshop, so its easy to import work from them to Adobe Animate.

You can reach your audience on desktop, mobile, and tv as well with it.


Key Features

  • Crate animated doodles and avatars
  • Easily change and deform the edges of vectors
  • Share and publish videos on Twitter and YouTube
  • Do access to design and coding inside the software
  • Create interactive web banners that respond on user interactions
  • Seamlessly integrates with Adobe software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign



Adobe Animate plan starts at $20.99 per month. Create a free account today.


3. Visme


Visme is an all-in-one software to create everything you need for your business.

You can create professional presentations, interactive infographics, engaging videos, designs, and more. It has been used by 23 million people & businesses.

With Visme, you can turn your statistics and figures into beautiful visuals. It has thousands of ready-to-use templates that cover 50 content types.

If you’re looking to create branded videos then, it allows you to add brand fonts, colors, and logs to generate branded content.

Visme lets you collaborate with your remote team, it doesn’t matter where they are, a team can discuss ideas, work on projects, and get feedback in real time.

It can be integrated with the favorite tools like Salesforce, YouTube, Google Drive, and more.


Key Features

  • Crate everything presentations, documents, data visuals, social media graphics, videos, and mockups
  •  Hundreds of readymade templates are available to create branded content faster
  • Grab audience attention via animated elements
  • Choose graphic assets like photos, icons, videos, and audio
  • Display statistics in the videos



Visme starter plan costs you $12.25 per month. The basic plan is forever free.


4. Vyond

tools for animation video Vyond

Next on this list is Vyond.

Vyond (formally GoAnimate) is one of the popular animation software in the market. With it, anyone can easily create professional animated videos to engage with people.

Vyond is used by over 20,000 customers across the globe.

It has a complete drag-and-drop interface, so you can add characters, backgrounds, props, and special effects.

Thanks to its template library, you do not need to create a video from scratch, you can start creating a video by selecting one of its pre-filled templates.

The tool alos lets you create your own custom character.


Key Features

  • Instant create scripts and videos from prompt
  • Quickly translate your text in your videos
  • Create Vyond characters by taking photos
  • Create animated videos in 70+ languages



Vyond basic Essential plan costs you $25 per month. Try Vyond 14-day for free.


5. Animaker

software for creating animation video Animaker

Animaker is the next tool on this list of best tools for animation video makers. It’s one of the best animation tools to create animated videos.

The platform is suitable for beginners, and professionals to create animations.

It’s trusted by some of the leading brands like McDonald’s, Visa, GSK, David Jones and more.

Animaker is quite easy to use, its drag-and-drop builder allows you to add text, backgrounds, and elements to your animation.

When creating character animation, it has a powerful character builder that lets you create billions of unique characters.

You’ll have the option to choose from 1000+ templates for all occasions. For some of its advanced features, you should check out 20 facial expressions, auto lip-sync, and smart move.

For beginners, Animaker offers complete resources like blog posts, a knowledge hub, webinars, and tutorials.


Key Features

  • Create eye-popping animation videos in a few minutes
  • Simple drag and drop builder to create animation
  • Get you a powerful character builder
  • Choose from 100+ readymade video templates
  • Bring your character to life with 20 facial expressions
  • Add voice to your character with auto lip-sync



The basic plan starts at $12.50 per month. You can try Animaker for free.


6. PixTeller

Animation Maker Tool PixTeller

PixTeller is a good online image editor and animation marker.

With PixTeller you can use pre-designed graphic templates to turn words, photos, and illustrations into a complete animation video.

Using PixTeller animation editor tool you can make animated videos, video stories, social media posts, and gifs.

It lets you choose from 100,000+ graphic image templates and 5,000+ premade animated video templates.

It has 100,000+ shapes that could fit on your animated videos. One of the best feature of PixTeller is PixBot which assist you in picking the right template for your video.

If you’re a beginner you can create beautiful videos easily.


Key Features

  • PixBot lets you find the best templates for your animation
  • It has thousands of free stock images, animations, shapes, templates, and more
  • You can also edit images with PixTeller



PixTeller basic plan starts at $9 per month.

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7. Pencil 2D

Pencil2D Animation Software

If you are frustrated with the template-driven animation video makers then you can go with the Pencil 2D.

It’s a tool that lets you draw whatever you imagine and animate it frame by frame. Pencil 2D interface is very easy to use, it takes hardly an hour to get familiar with it.

It’s a downloadable software that you can install to your computer to make 2D hand-drawn animations. It supports platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux, and FreeBSD.

It has a very minimalist design that makes it straightforward and easy to use. Pencil 2D is a complete open-source and free-to-use software on this list.

There’re some drawbacks to this software, it’s not good for creating advanced animation videos.

However, still, it is a good option to draw and create frame-by-frame animation videos.


Key Features

  • It has a very easy-to-use interface
  • You can seamlessly switch between raster and Victor workflows
  • It’s an open-source software



Pencil 2D is completely free for everyone.


8. Powtoon


Continuing on this list next is Powtoon.

Powtoon is a complete animation tool for creating animated videos and whiteboard doodling. It’s used by some of the top Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Google, IBM, Adobe, Dell, and many more.

It’s very easy to create animated videos for your business with Powtoon, you need to pick one of the pre-designed animated video templates and then customize icons, animation, illustrations, colors, fonts, music, and characters.

You can sign up for Powtoon and start creating animation videos for free but the free plan is quite limited and comes with the Powtoon branding as well.

One of the most noticeable features of Powtoon is custom characters, it lets users create characters with endless clothing combinations like skin tones, facial features, hairstyles, accessories, and more.

But when comes to customer support is quite disappointing.


Key Features

  • Comes with hundreds of pre-designed video templates to get started
  • You can create strong custom characters
  • Creating an animation video is super easy 
  • Support is available through live webinars, and training center



Powtoon Lite plan starts at $15 per month when you are billed annually.



Well, above I have mentioned some of the best and most popular software for creating animation videos and you know everything about them.

Now, it’s time to pick a tool you would like to use fro start creating an animation video.

If you looking for pre-made animation templates then Visme and Renderforest is the right choice for you. In case you have illustration skills then Adobe Animate and Pencil 2D could be right for you.

Let me know which one you’re going to pick.

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